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A Splash of Glam

by: Coffee vs Chai


As many of you may know, I once called the beautiful island of Curaçao home for two-and-a -half years. Living on an island teaches you lessons on how to live a minimalist lifestyle. The island life requires adjusting to stores closing early or being closed on the weekends, inventory being depleted or delayed, brands that you know and love being absent. A spotty internet connection can also be frustrating, but something you end up getting used to. Despite all of this, I had the best time of my life living just a few miles away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Now being back home in America, I miss my island life. So, I try to incorporate as much island vibe into my life as possible. It's no surprise then, that when I got the opportunity to partner up with Splash Jewels, I simply could not refuse. Based out of Miami, their jewelry reflects the laid back Caribbean life, with hints of Bohemian design, mixed with some irresistible glam to create timeless pieces for all occasions.

When styling an outfit there are many components that come together to create a look. Jewelry is great way to take an outfit from dull and bland to sparkling and glam. Of course, there are many options when it comes to finding the best jewelry for your outfit and style. Picking versatile items can go a long way when styling your closet because jewelry not only adds sparkle to any outfit but it also draws attention to your face, neckline, and hands.

When looking through the Splash Jewels collection, I found many eye catching pieces that I knew would work with any style. I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous stone bangle with minimalist design and green chalcedony and rainbow moonstone. Maybe it is just me, but the colors of the two stones remind me of the ocean and sand coming together at the beach.

Apart from the beach vibe, the elegant and delicate stone bangle works well with many outfits. I have chosen to pair it with a neutral outfit to accentuate a flirty and fun, yet business-casual look.

IMG_2464 (1).jpg

Jewelry Tips:

  • Earrings: pick ones that complement your face and jaw line. If you have long hair it is important to pick a color that doesn’t blend with your hair color.

  • Necklaces: remember to be selective so it complements your neckline. Longer necklaces look good with higher necklines. But a round necklace is great with a scoop neck. If you have a V-shaped neckline, go for one that sits right above the V.

  • Bracelets: you can almost never go wrong with a bracelet. They can subtly add depth to your whole look. If you decide to accessorize your bracelet with a watch then go for something minimal or stack them on the other wrist. However, if you are not wearing a watch you can always go big and bold.

  • Lastly, remember to always have fun with your jewelry. Mix and match to your style and always add a splash of glam.


Please Note: Although I have partnered with Splash Jewels, I always strive to give my honest review. Please contact Splash Jewels regarding any orders.