Stay Golden

Gold.  It has been around for centuries and is as desirable and valuable today as it was thousands of years ago.  Long associated with royalty and grandeur, it is also a fashion staple representing ritzy and glamourous style. 
Trends come and go, and eventually silver and white gold will have their moment in the spotlight again.  For now, gold is and continues to be all the rage.  From a classic ensemble to a modern, edgy style, the vibrancy which gold adds to a look is unparalleled.  For several seasons now, gold layers have gone from dainty and delicate to bold and chunky.    
Instantly upgrade your look with some gold layers.  Whether you’re a dainty layer kind of girl or like to kick it up a notch, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces that will transition you effortlessly from the office to happy hour, brunch to date night. 
When in doubt, add a touch of glam and Stay Golden.
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