Hot Pearl Summer

I have always associated pearls with special occasions and “grown-up” moments.  You know, the type of occasion where you have to pull out that black blazer and act prim & proper.  For me, there was no use for pearls in everyday life.  In fact, when we first began throwing around ideas for what our brand would look like, I specifically said to Richard, “no pearls, ever.”

Enter the baroque pearl trend and I’ve had to admit I was wrong.  Obsessed is an understatement.  There is something about their organic uniqueness that merits a second look.  As if pearls weren’t unique enough, these irregularly shaped beauties are in a league of their own.  They are perfectly imperfect, just like us.
These are not your grandmother’s pearls and they are certainly having a moment in the fashion world.  Edgy, fresh, and fun, they quickly elevate any look with a sense of elegance that is far from traditional. 
Most freshwater pearls are in fact baroque pearls.  A baroque pearl is essentially any pearl that is not perfectly round.  While saltwater pearls are traditionally round, they can be baroque as well.  Let’s take a look at some of the main styles of baroque pearls used today:
  • Coin Pearls - round and flat, resembling a small coin. Due do their larger flat surface, this type of pearl reflects the light beautifully.
  • Egg Pearls – you guessed it, similar to the shape of an egg or a pear, these are wider at the bottom and narrower on top.
  • Stick Pearls – also known as BIWA, these pearls are narrow, long, and thin. They are great for long earrings or as the center dangle on a necklace.
  • Keshi Pearls – the rarest of the bunch, and one of my personal favorites for various reasons. These are a result of the nucleus being rejected by the mollusk.  The pearl continues to grow without a nucleus, and this creates their elongated and lustrous shape.  Not only are these gorgeous, but they teach us a valuable life lesson.  Rejection and tough times can shape us into something unique, beautiful, and rare.
Now that we’ve had our pearl lesson, let’s get back to fashion.  Pair these beauties with some chunky gold for an edgy, modern vibe.  Alternatively, keep them delicate and dainty for a timeless yet fresh look. 
I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Splash pearl pieces below.  Take a look, you may find your new go-to staple!