Braving the Storm

Being based out of Miami, we’re no strangers to hurricane season. We’ve had our fair share of storms along the way. The 2005 hurricane season was one for the books with 4 storms in 4 months, including Hurricane Katrina and Wilma. In 2017, we dodged a direct hit from a massive category 5: Hurricane Irma. We still felt the effects of a Category 2 while our beloved Florida Keys suffered a direct impact. Even witnessing the devastation in the The US and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico was heartbreaking.
What’s happened in the northern Bahamian islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama is gut-wrenching.  Most of us in South Florida have been to the Bahamas countless times, be it to Bimini or Cat Cay by boat, Nassau, Freeport, or the small private islands that Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines take us to. Personally, we’ve enjoyed our time in the islands of the Bahamas, created memories to last a lifetime and have been astonished by their crystal clear blue waters and marine life. Now it’s time to give back to a place that has given us so much.
Each and every one of us has something to offer the people of the Bahamas. Be it a monetary donation, toiletries and canned food or by volunteering our time to help the organizations that are going above and beyond to get help to these devastated islands. Together, we can make a difference.
We will be donating and working alongside the incredible team at the Global Empowerment Mission. They are currently accepting donations and volunteers in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach. Learn more about the different ways you can help at:
We are #BahamasStrong
Suzanne & Richard